Jeffrey Combs Reassures Fans

By Lisa
September 14, 2001 - 7:54 PM

When American Airlines released the preliminary passanger lists for the planes involved in Tuesday's terrorist attacks; one of the people tragically killed had a name similar to the former Deep Space Nine actor, Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun). Today the actor passed a message on to fans, assuring them of his safety and thanking them for their support.

The following message from Combs was posted at his fan club message board:

To All,

Thank you all so much for your heartfelt concern for my well-being. I am, thank God, safe and sound. Sadly, one of those who lost their life on that hideous day had a name very similar to mine.
It was chilling and yet touching to receive so many contacts via e-mail, phone and personally in the immediate days after the disasters. Your love and concern is deeply appreciated by me and my family.
All of this shocking brutality truly brings home how fragile, sweet and tentative this life is for us all.

Pray for those left sorely behind.

God Bless America.

Combs' official fan club and Trek sites on the internet were inundated with emails from worried fans. One report on CNN said that Jeffrey Coombs was a 48 year old actor from California, which seemed to confirm the worst fears.

Though Trek's Jeffrey Combs may not have been involved in the disaster, but our hearts still go out to the families of the victims at this difficult time.

The original message from Combs can be found here at the Official Jeffrey Combs Fan Club.

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