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No Wesley Crusher Appearance In 'Nemesis'

By Lisa
August 15, 2002 - 2:29 AM

Wil Wheaton's appearance as Wesley Crusher in 'Star Trek: Nemesis' has been cut from the movie, according to the actor.

Wheaton posted the news at his web site today. He was told the news by the movie's executive producer Rick Berman yesterday.

Berman told the actor that the first cut of the movie weighed in at almost 3 hours, and faced cuts of around 48 minutes as a result. The scene featuring Wesley was deemed none-essential to the movie's plot, and so was the first on the cutting room floor.

Berman also remarked that they needed to consider losing the opening of the film entirely. He had also had to call another actor who appeared in the movie, to let them know their role suffered in the editing process.

Familiar faces with cameo appearances in 'Nemesis' include Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway) and Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan). Susan Gibney was reported to reprise her role as Doctor Leah Brahms from TNG's 'Booby Trap' and 'X Men' director Bryan Singer appeared as an extra. It is not known whether all or any of these will make the final cut of the movie.

Wheaton was quick to put the news into perspective. "I love Star Trek, and, ultimately, I want what's best for Star Trek and the Trekkies," he told Berman. "If the movie is too long, you've got to cut it, and this scene is the first place I'd start if I were you.

"The great thing is, I got to spend two wonderful days being on Star Trek again, working with the people I love, wearing the uniform that I missed, and I got to re- connect with you, the cast, and the fans. Nobody can take that away from me."

The complete report written by Wil Wheaton can be found by following this link to WilWheatonDotNet. Thanks go out to Jason Hutchinson and Confusatron for this news!

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