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By Lisa
August 14, 2001 - 10:56 PM

  • A review of the first two DS9 relaunch novels, 'Avatar, Books 1 and 2' has been posted at Trek Pages. "The new characters are also a great addition to the books. I was skeptical at first thinking that the books may be trying to push the original DS9 crew off to the side in favor of the new characters, however this is not the case," wrote reviewer Virogen. "Just like the DS9 series, the books balanced the characters out expertly." The full review can be found here.

  • A once in a lifetime event will be taking place on August 24th, with guests of honour from around the world - and that's just the fish! 'FISHCON ONE: Striped Bass in Star Trek and Science Fiction' will bring together Pocket Books executive editor John Ordover and other Star Trek novelists for an evening of Star Trek and um, fishing. Anyone in the New York area who wants to go fishing with a bunch of Star Trek people, should check out this thread at Psi Phi.

  • Allison Pill who co-starred with Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) in the telefilm 'What Girls Learn,' recently spoke about her experience on the set. "The people involved were fantastic! I don't think I have ever laughed so hard. Elizabeth Perkins and Scott Bakula were hilarious, no matter how tired and cranky everyone else was," she said at her message board. Thanks go out to Bakula News for this!

  • Images of the cover art for UK videos 'Star Trek: The Next Generation 4.8' and 'Star Trek: Voyager 7.8' are available at Black Thanks go out to Chris Wales for this.

  • There's a satirical review of 'Star Trek V: The Final Frontier' available over at Mighty Big TV. The site will also be recapping Enterprise weekly when it airs. Thanks to Shaun Aki for this.

  • A new article at TeeVee lists Star Trek: Voyager as one of last season's biggest disappointments. Click here to read it. Thanks go out to Ryan for this!

  • Two Star Trek Original Series DVDs are due out this month. Volume 29 will feature 'Elaan of Troyius' and 'The Paradise Syndrome;' while 30 contains 'The Enterprise Incident' and 'And the Children Shall Lead.' More information about the releases can be found here at Cinescape. Thanks go out to Ian for this!

  • Jacqueline Bundy has reviewed the second book in the 'Gateways' saga, 'Chainmail.' Bundy says "If you enjoy a book that jumps straight into the action with both feet and hits the ground running then you should be very happy." For the full analysis, please follow this link to the Trekker Newsletter.

  • The latest 'Star Trek Top Ten List' over at's Star Trek Fans features Star Trek answering machine messages. Entries include:

    Hello. You've reached the Ambassador's residence. If you have business with Qo'noS, please leave it after the beep or I will kill you right here.

  • The Official Jeri Ryan Site notes that the September issue of Glamour magazine, which features a photo of the actress, is now available on newsstands.

  • Over at Psi Phi's Star Trek Books Database, the cover art for 'Tenebrea's Hope: Book Two of the Tenebrea Trilogy' by Voyager actress Roxann Dawson and Daniel Graham has been posted.

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