McNeill On Wang's Directorial Aspirations

By Caillan
August 14, 2001 - 11:19 AM

Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) has stated that he didn't know why he was denied the chance to direct an episode of Voyager, but according to Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) it was because he didn't invest enough time behind the scenes.

"I know he talked about it sometimes," McNeill told the audience at the Washington D.C. Slanted Fedora convention on August 5, according to a report by D'Alaire. "You know, Bob [Picardo] directed a couple wonderful shows on Voyager. I thought his were great. Tim [Russ] directed one, and Roxann [Dawson] did too."

According to McNeill, all the actor-directors spent a lot of time observing on the set to show their commitment. "But I know that everyone that did end up directing, spent a lot of time, you know, self-motivated time, going to editing and sitting on the set, and things like that," he said. "And I know Garrett, I don't think Garrett did a whole lot of that."

"So that's the reason he never got the chance to do our show," the actor continued, adding that there were always other opportunities. "But I know he did talk about being interested in it, so down the road, he may pursue it."

Thanks to D'Alaire for this!

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