Mulgrew Wanted More Balance For 'Voyager' Cast

By Caillan
August 14, 2001 - 11:14 AM

Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway) enjoyed the evolving Janeway/Seven storyline during Voyager's run, but wished that more time had been devoted to some of the other characters.

"The interpersonal relationships were really working and I felt that for a few seasons that all went to the Seven of Nine/Janeway story line," Mulgrew told the audience at last month's Voyager: The Return convention, according to a report by Barbara Spencer at Totally Kate!

The actress felt that the development of some of the other characters was affected by the large amount of screentime focussed on the Janeway/Seven relationship. "[The Janeway/Seven storyline] was great as it upped the numbers," she said, "but everyone else had to take a back seat and in so doing I feel we lost a little balance, and a considerable amount of momentum which is very important when you're dealing with nine characters to keep them all even. I regret that two or three season imbalance, although it worked for the ratings, I think for some of the actors and me it was a bit much."

Mulgrew would have particularly liked to have seen Janeway's relationships with Tom Paris and the Holodoc developed further. "It's a very subjective thing and I'm rather myopic about it because I would have liked to have seen my relationship with Mr. Paris further examined, certainly Mr. Picardo," she said.

Concerning Janeway's interaction with the Doctor, Mulgrew said that she thought the Doctor's punishment received in 'Flesh and Blood' was too light. "Do you think I did not go to Rick Berman's office, slammed my script down on the table and said, what are you doing?" she asked the audience. "'This isn't a dressing down. This isn't a reprimand. He's countermanded all of my orders systematically. I should take his little mobile emitter and you know what with it!'"

"'No, no,' Mr. Berman said," as Mulgrew continued the story, "'the relationship between the doctor and Janeway has long been too hard. It's too beautifully developed now. She feels too deeply.' I said, 'Nonsense, I'd smack him good on his little holographic behind.' The doctor gets away with a lot doesn't he? Very busy isn't he singing La Boheme and making love to Seven of Nine? Very busy."

The full report on Mulgrew's appearance at the convention, including comments by surprise guest Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard), can be found here at Totally Kate!

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