Berman: Commandos Will Come And Go

By Caillan
July 14, 2003 - 11:44 PM

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Enterprise executive producer Rick Berman said recently viewers shouldn't expect to be introduced to the all of the NX-01's new military contingent in the third season premiere.

"These are not going to be regular characters," Berman told Ian Spelling in the latest issue of Star Trek Monthly (via Sci-Fi Pulse). "They are going to be recurring characters. We're going to be bringing them along as needed and the ones that work and the ones we like, we'll be keeping, and the ones we don't, we won't."

At the time of the interview, the producers still hadn't decided on a formal name for these space marines. "The number of these commandos — and I call them commandos because we're not exactly sure yet what we're going to be calling them — is going to be somewhat indeterminate," he said. "So, the casting can be quite fluid for us."

While much attention has been focused on the commandos as a source of conflict, Berman said some of them will also bond with the existing Enterprise crew members. "We're not bringing these people on board to serve primarily as a source of conflict for our characters, but when you bring onboard non-Starfleet people, who are trained fighters, you're going to get some conflict and you're also going to get some growing camaraderie. So, it will go in both directions."

The full interview, in which Berman also talked about the release of Star Trek Nemesis on DVD, can be found in issue 107 of Star Trek Monthly. Alternatively, excerpts are available at Sci-Fi Pulse.

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