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By Caillan
July 14, 2001 - 12:47 PM

  • According to the Internet Movie Database, Anna Friel and Sophie Marceau have signed to appear in 'Night Witches,' which is being directed by former Trek star Alexander Siddig (Julian Bashir). The film's budget has been set at $4.2 million. Thanks to 'lizard_boy' for this!

  • The latest edition of the UK magazine TV Zone contains reviews of 'Homestead' (2/10) 'Renaissance Man' (8/10) and 'Endgame' (7/10). "Full marks to Kate Mulgrew, who gives a sterling performance as two Janeways [...] a commendable finish to a commendable attempt at a turn-around season," wrote the reviewer of Voyager's final episode. The issue also contains a 'Cult TV' golden moment from DS9's 'The Changing Face Of Evil.' Thanks to Chris Howell at The Great Link for this!

  • SFX Magazine also reviewed 'Endgame' in its latest issue. Here's an excerpt, courtesy of The Great Link:

    The climax is satisfyingly explosive and the FX teams do themselves proud. That's when you notice how near the end of the episode you are and the horrific truth ain't going to see much of a homecoming. It's over in the blink of an eye, leaving you with an empty 'Is that it?' feeling [...] there’s a lot to enjoy, and there’s a lot that misfires as well [...] there have been a lot better episodes of Voyager than this over the years.

  • Monkee has posted the first part of her review looking back on the whole of the Voyager series. The full column is entitled 'The Beautiful Tapestry that was, or should have been, Voyager' and can be found here at her web site.

  • Army Archerd at Variety is reporting that the CBS comedy series Late Boomers is now officially dead. The series was to star Burt Reynolds, who walked out and was replaced by Scott Bakula, but after filming the pilot Bakula chose to go on to Enterprise. After Alec Baldwin and Tom Selleck proved unavailable, the project was finally cancelled.

  • Totally Kate, the Kate Mulgrew website, has been updated with a review of Kate Mulgrew's appearance in a 1986 play. Click here to read it.

  • The Brent Spiner Info Page has posted screencaps of an interview with Spiner during the Fox Movie Channel's tribute to actor Walter Matthau.

  • Reviews of Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) in 'Shylock: Shakespeare's Alien' can be found hereat the Daily Telegraph, and here at PC Story Time.

  • An interview with Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) has been posted at Stewart talked to Anne Pickles about his life growing up in Yorkshire, and the growth of his love for Shakespeare. The full article can be found here. Thanks to Patrick Stewart: The Actor's Actor for this!

  • Director Robert Wise will be showing clips from the upcoming 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Director's Edition' DVD at the Comic-Con Convention in San Diego on Saturday, July 21. Together with Wise, producer David C. Fein, visual effects supervisor Daren R. Dochterman and supervising sound editor Chuck Michael will participate in a question and answer session. Further information can be found in this report at Thanks to Tom E. Pinkerton for this!

  • James B. Gardner at Delta Blues has posted a parody review of the upcoming Enterprise pilot, 'Broken Bow.'

  • Recent updates to the Psi Phi Star Trek Book Database include an updated schedule for the new 'Starfleet Corps Of Engineers' eBook series, cover art for the sixth book in the series, as well as excerpts from 'Gateways, Book One of Seven: One Small Step' by Susan Wright and 'Gateways, Book Two of Seven: Chainmail' by Diane Carey.

  • Jam!Showbiz has posted a short article about this year's VulCon convention, held in the town of Vulcan, Canada. After realising its link with Star Trek, the town built a a 9.5-metre-long replica of the USS Enterprise and opened the Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station.

  • reported that Space Imaging of Thornton may have located the wreckage of Amelia Earhart's plane on a Pacific coral atoll after noticing rust-coloured spots in a photograph taken by a Space Imaging satellite. There have been a number of conspiracy theories revolving around the disappearance of Earhart and her navigator, Frederick Noonan, over the years, one of which was depicted in the Voyager episode, 'The 37s.'

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