Gaming Bullets

By Caillan
July 14, 2001 - 10:14 AM

  • A review of 'Star Trek: Away Team' has been posted at Future Looks. Here's an excerpt from the review, which was written by Jason Clark.

    Activision usually delivers killer titles with well thought out plots, even better environments for them to be played on and a replayability that makes the purchase worth the money you shelled out for it. With Star Trek: Away Team unless you surfer head trauma and get amnesia the replayability of this game is nil. The graphics were mediocre and the voice over were laughable.

    In the full review, the game is awarded a score of 35%.

  • Game Power has posted a review of the recently released 'Star Trek: Dominion Wars.' "Dominion Wars is simply an excellent game," wrote Dave Johnson. "A difficultly slider lets you control the intensity of the enemy AI and, when you're done with the game's 20 missions, you can turn to its multiplayer options." The game is awarded a score of 3.5/4 in the complete commentary.

  • Head 2 Head reviewed 'Dominion Wars,' with reviewers 'Tristinian' and 'Topher' awarding it a score of 60 and 65% respectively. "While playing Dominion Wars, it just seemed that what we had here was a mixture of two elements and a smidgen of another," wrote Tristinian. "In other words, a bit of Star Trek: Armada, a bit of Ground Control and a dash of Starfleet Command is what seems to make up DS9 Dominion Wars. The difference though between DW and those other games though is that those other games all had more polish and pizzazz than this one." Head over to the web site to read more.

  • Chris McMullen at Games Domain also reviewed 'Dominion Wars.' Here's an extract from the review:

    Had Gizmo Games been able to fix the bugs before release, provide a decent sized manual and adjust the ship handling a little, Dominion Wars could well have been the best Star Trek game to date. As it stands, Dominion Wars isn't a must-own - it's fun to play for a while, but the bugs tend to rear their ugly heads, rendering the game somewhat frustrating. Hopefully, in time, the major issues will be fixed and we might see a more complete manual released online. Dominion Wars is a case of a game fell at the last fence, dropping from the potential of greatness to being average instead.

    The game is awarded 3/5 in the complete analysis.

  • The site also reviewed the new 'Starfleet Command' stand-alone expansion pack, 'Orion Pirates.' Awarding the game 3/5, reviewer DiAngelo wrote that "Star Trek Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates is a complex strategy game that succeeds in providing fans of the series a serious simulation of space combat. Strategy and tactical gamers will enjoy the different options and challenges it presents, making this a worthwhile purchase for those new to the series, provided you feel ready to take on the initially steep learning curve." Click here for the full review.

  • Lucas Pawelczyk at Gamitopia posted his review of the 'Elite Force' Expansion Pack. "If you're looking for something more like a real single player game there are about 4 holodeck missions that can be played," he wrote. "However, only two of them are any good. [...] Out of all of them I would have to say that Lt. Paris' Captain Proton game is the best, even though it's quite short. So if you're hunting for some true single- player add-on campaigns for Elite Force, I'm afraid to say there aren't any in this expansion." Head over to Gamitopia for the complete analysis, in which the pack is awarded a mark of 7/10.

  • Fleet Operations has posted three new screenshots from the upcoming 'Star Trek: Armada II.'

  • The official 'Star Trek: Bridge Commander' website has posted a new screenshot of the week.

  • Decipher has posted a list of demo events for the new Voyager CCG in order to enable novices to learn how to play.

    Thanks to Blue's News for most of these!

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