News Bullets (2)

By Christian
July 14, 2000 - 8:31 PM

  • Psi Phi is reporting that the omnibus edition of last year's 'Double Helix' crossover series, previously scheduled for release in April 2001, has been cancelled. Apparently sales for the omnibus editions of previous crossover series have been extremely low.

  • And Psi Phi is also reporting that seventh and final book in next year's 'Gateways' crossover novel series, previously scheduled to be released in October 2001 together with the fifth and the sixth book in the series, has been pushed back one month to November.

  • Ultarama sends along word of their new Action Figure Display System, offering a special way to store your Star Trek action figures. Currently only the TNG display is visible on the site, with displays for TOS, DS9, Voyager and the Movies still in development, but Ultarama is already taking suggestions. The displays will be, erm, on display during three upcoming conventions, listed here.

  • The Unofficial Terry Farrell Website has put up twelve screencaps of the Public Service Announcement that aired on CBS earlier this year, featurin Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax). The PSA broadcast dealt with education, as far as I can tell from the images.

  • Over at Mania, there's a new edition up of 'Hailing Frequencies', Michelle Erica Green's weekly Star Trek column. This week, she provides a summary of the latest Trek rumours, a review of the 'Voyager' comic 'Avalon Rising', and her own look at the recent comments by Robert Beltran (Chakotay)

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