'Imperfection' And 'Drive' Spoilers

By Christian
July 14, 2000 - 9:54 AM

The official Star Trek site is reporting that shooting for 'Imperfection', the second episode of the season, ended yesterday.

According to the Continuum, 'Imperfection' deals with the fate of the three Borg children, Azan, Mezoti and Rebi, who came onboard Voyager in last year's 'Collective'. This episode will mark the final appearance of the Borg children, who Janeway refers to as some of the ship's "most precious cargo". This episode will also see the first appearance of the second version of the Delta Flyer, following the original's destruction in 'Unimatrix Zero, Part One'.

The next episode to go into production, presumably starting today, will be a Michael Taylor story called 'Drive'. In the episode, Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres will be racing the Delta Flyer against several other ships.

The Continuum's original report can be found here. Thanks go out to Gustavo Leao for this!

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