Voyager Stars Look Ahead To Enterprise

By Lisa
June 14, 2001 - 10:08 PM

At last weekend's Holodiction Odyssey convention in Sydney, Australia, many of the attending Voyager actors gave their views about the Star Trek series that will follow their own.

Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres) will likely be the most involved with Enterprise, directing the show's seventh episode which will shot in August. The actress said she was "very excited" about working on the new show. "I hope directing will be part of my future," she commented.

Currently, Dawson is busy learning about the new show and preparing for her Enterprise directorial debut. When asked by a member of the audience if she had aspirations to write for Series V, the actress said she was content to concentrate on directing for the moment. "I just feel to close to it [to write]," she explained. But she didn't completely rule out writing for the show. "If the characters start to intrigue me," she said.

Ensign Kim actor Garrett Wang was in no mood to be serious about Enterprise. He had the audience laughing with his Captain Janeway impersonations, and used this talent to showcase Kate Mulgrew's possible reaction to Scott Bakula as the next Trek Captain. "He's not the best Captain. I am!" Wang mimicked.

His Voyager crewmate Tim Russ told the audience that the Enterprise set was "pretty amazing." He also commented that Trek X would be the last Star Trek film to be based on the Next Generation cast. At the recent convention in North Carolina Marina Sirtis also said the film would act as a finale to the Next Generation era. However she also said she hoped the movie would generate interest in more TNG films.

Gene Roddenberry's former assistant, Richard Arnold also talked about Enterprise last weekend. At the Star Trek & Sci Fi Media Convention, Arnold said that not much was known about the series, but that he believed production was currently at day 15. Enterprise started shooting on the 14th of May.

He gave a cryptic hint about the uniform Jolene Blalock will wear on the show: "T'Pol's uniform outdoes even Seven's for it makes Seven of Nine's catsuit uniform look like a moo-moo compared to the new Vulcan female's." Previous reports about the Enterprise uniforms have said that the crew will wear navy-coloured jumpsuits with a starship shoulder patch. It is not known currently whether T'Pol's will wear this same uniform of a Vulcan variation. Thanks to JC for sending in Arnold's comments!

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