Conflict Was The Key To P/T, Says Dawson

By Caillan
June 14, 2001 - 10:33 AM

'Star Trek Magazine', courtesy, copyright Paramount Pictures

Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres) likes conflict because "it adds more spice." And nowhere was that more apparent than in B'Elanna's turbulent relationship with Lieutenant Tom Paris.

"I always hoped they wouldn't get together too perfectly, becuase I loved the conflict," she said in the June issue of the Star Trek Magazine (via the P/T Collective). "I think the drama was in trying to make it work."

The actress described the season five episode 'Extreme Risk,' in which B'Elanna tried to cope with the loss of her Maquis friends, as "huge and bold, very subtle."

"I saw 'Extreme Risk' as a natural part of a relationship; after the little honeymoon phase you saw the dark sides start to emerge and discovered how you would deal with people's pasts within a relationship," Dawson said. "Paris had an interesting past too, which could inhibit him in terms of his ability to allow somebody to be close to him. I loved seeing some of that stuff come up and have that conflict as they tried to get close."

Although the relationship often fell by the wayside, Dawson felt that season seven made up for lost time. "You can't cry over spilled milk in terms of things you wish had developed and that they don't have time for," she said, "you can only look at the things that have been addressed, and this year I think they have really taken a step in the right direction."

One highlight for the actress was 'Lineage,' in which B'Elanna finds out she is pregnant. "I thought 'Lineage' was very well written and I think it was a good step in the progression of their relationship," Dawson said. "I don't think there is enough time to probably explore it as much as I would have liked, but I've been very pleased with what they've done this year."

Thanks to Katie at the P/T Collective for this! To subscribe to the Star Trek Magazine, head over to their website. The above cover image is courtesy of the Star Trek Magazine, and is copyright by Paramount Pictures.

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