Star Trek Pet Peeves Article

By Christian
June 14, 2000 - 10:03 PM

Julia Houston over at's Star Trek Fans has put up this week's new feature article, looking at some of the fans' pet peeves. Here's how she starts her article:

No, these aren't my pet peeves. In fact, some of them don't really bug me at all. Some do.

These are pet peeves -- minor points of major irritation -- I've been hearing about from Star Trek fans all the years that I've now been here at Many have been addressed to me simply because I'm someone to talk to, and I am, after all, interested. Other peeve-writers wanted me to do something about it. Since all I get to do in the Star Trek universe is write articles, I thought I'd do the best I could.

I've grouped these into categories, since I can't actually quote people's email, chatroom comments and Forum posts without permission. If you'd like to add a peeve of your own, perhaps a specific example for an existing category or a new type of peeve altogether, write me, and I'll add it with credit to you.

For the full article, please follow this link.

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