Ronald D. Moore Joins 'Roswell'

By Christian
June 14, 2000 - 5:28 PM

Ronald D. Moore, former Trek staff writer, has apparently joined the creative team behind the WB television series 'Roswell' as head writer. Moore served for several years as staff writer on TNG and DS9, and co-wrote 'Generations' and 'First Contact'. After being part of the 'Voyager' staff for a very short time, Moore left the show in Summer 1999. Since then, he also worked for a while as consultant on 'Good Vs Evil', before now joining 'Roswell'.

'Roswell' premiered last season on the WB, but despite a large amount of pre-debut hype, never performed particularly well for the network. This was partly due to heavy competition from 'The West Wing' and 'Voyager' in the same time slot, and when the show was moved to Monday evenings late in the season its ratings showed a marked improvement. On average, the show scored about a 2.6/4, and was the second highest-rated new show on the WB, following 'Angel'.

Due to its low ratings, 'Roswell' for a time appeared to be in great danger of cancellation. This caused the fans of the show to organise a large campaign, with thousands of people sending miniature bottles of Tabasco sauce to the WB, in a reference to the characters in the show eating a lot of the spicey stuff. The WB has now renewed 'Roswell' for half of the seson, with more episodes hopefully being ordered after the show completes its first 13 episodes next year.

With the addition of Ron Moore to the writing staff, this is the second-high profile Trek veteran to work on the show: the show is co-produced by Jonathan Frakes (William T. Riker), who also directed many of the first season's episodes.

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