Pegg Says 'Star Trek XI' Should Not Be A Parody

By T'Bonz
May 14, 2008 - 8:51 PM

Simon Pegg is serious in his approach to playing Montgomery Scott.

As reported by SciFi Pulse, Pegg is a Star Trek fan who cares about the show and wants to get it right. "Obviously I watched the original series when I was a kid, and I knew 'The Next Generation' well enough to know all the characters," he said. "I watched quite a few episodes, and I was a big Seven of Nine fan when 'Voyager' came out. Certainly, I was pretty familiar with it."

That enjoyment of Star Trek means that Pegg is giving his best in playing Scotty. "One thing I wanted to do was make the performance pretty much a tribute to James Doohan but I didn't want to impersonate him in any way, because I didn't want it to look like that," said Pegg. "It's important that this film has no parodic element, it's a very straight film, and a non- ironic Trek movie. Obviously, it's walking a tightrope because it's going back in time a little bit to the original characters, so the tendency might have been to watch Jim Doohan and try to ape him. I personally didn't, I just drew on my memories and affection for the show."

Although he was already prepared to play Scotty, meeting Doohan's son was enjoyable for Pegg. I was actually given the chance to work alongside James Doohan's son who came on set to do a little bit of background work, which was very nice," he explained. "We had a little chat about his father. But as far as research was concerned I felt pretty much like I knew what I was doing, it wasn't unfamiliar territory in any way."

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