Mojo on 'Starship Spotter'

By T'Bonz
May 14, 2008 - 4:06 AM

In his recently-opened blog, Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz has posted never-before-seen Starship Spotter color wireframe renders.

As reported by, what former Star Trek: Voyager CG supervisors Mojo and Starship Spotter co-author Robert Bonchune saw on their computer screens came out very differently in the printed book. "When Rob and I first saw final copies of the book, we were just as surprised as anyone by the dark, murky images on display, they sure didnít look like that on our screens!" said Mojo. "Sadly, that had to be chalked up to a learning experience we shared with Pocket Books: images on a computer monitor look very different when they end up in print."

Another major problem concerned the spine of the book. "As far as the spine of the book providing a lovely fold down the middle of every ship, it was an issue that just didnít become apparent until we actually had the book in our hands, opened it up and went, 'Uh oh," explained Mojo. "We were bummed and wished we could have personally provided new & better renders for everyone who bought the book!"

Mojo was fortunately enough to find "long lost" color wireframe renders from the Starship Spotter sessions and tried to submit them to Pocket Books. "Sadly, the deadline that had just passed was the real, true, seriously-this-time deadline (unlike the other five we had missed) so it was just too late," explained Mojo. "Still, I was having fun with my 'new toy' for rendering these ships so I went ahead and did a bunch of them, just because."

The ships are now available for fans to see and to use as wallpaper or to print out on Mojo's website. Some of the ships seen are: The Enterprise, Defiant, Equinox, Hirogen ship, Delta Flyer, Klingon Bird-of-Prey, Prometheus and a Chaffee shuttle.

To read more and see the ships, head to the blog located here.

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