Three Trek Nation Features

By Christian
April 15, 2000 - 12:04 AM

Over the past few days, the Trek Nation has been updated with several new features. Firstly, we've put up a review by yours truly of the first Original Series DVD released by Paramount last year:

When BBC Two first aired the episodes here, the colours were already a bit washed-out, and the picture's sharpness certainly wasn't anything to write home about. However, with the DVD version, the colours are as vibrant as they perhaps not even were when the episodes first aired, and the picture is so sharp that even when sitting right in front of the monitor the image didn't appear fuzzy at all. Of course, as this is the first DVD I've ever seen I can't really say if the video quality compares favourably to other DVDs, but I do know that the picture quality is so good you're never going to want to see the Original Series in another version again.

More praise for the disc can be found in the full review.

Secondly, Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga has put up his report of this year's RanDoM Flight Cruise, organised by the official Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) fan club, which was attended by most of the male Voyager actors. The report contains news from the Q&A session that took place (in which the actors, for instance, talked about the practical jokes on the set), as well as a report of the event's charity auction.

Finally, regular Trek Nation reviewer Ed Hines has uploaded a review of 'Night', the season premiere of Voyager's fifth season.

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