News Bullets

By Christian
April 14, 2000 - 11:56 PM

  • David Henderson at Psi Phi has updated the info page for the Enterprise Logs short story collection with a few more story titles.

  • In her new Hailing Frequencies column for AnotherUniverse, Michelle Erica Green reviews Peter David's 'I,Q' novel and Michael Jan Friedman's and Robert Greenberger's 'Q's Guide To The Continuum' book.

  • In that same column, she's also printed a response from Pocket Books' John Ordover to her question if they'd also publish a Janeway/Chakotay novel if they received a thousand letters in support of that. Ordover laughed, but anticipated a Paramount veto of the idea.

  • The official Robert Beltran (Chakotay) page has been enhanced with a For Sale page, offering autographed photos and videos.

  • Over at, they've put up a short article about 'Walking With Dinosaurs', the Discovery Channel documentary narrated by Avery Brooks (Benjamin Sisko), which will debut on Sunday the 16th of April.

  • Variety is reporting that the WWF and Viacom may soon be facing USA Networks in court over the cable rights for the World Wide Wrestling Federation shows. Thanks go out to Lee Jamilkowski for the news!

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