Robert Picardo Reveals Spoilers In Chat

By Christian
April 14, 2000 - 11:51 PM

Yesterday evening, AOL and TV Guide organised a chat with Robert Picardo (the Holodoc). Thanks to both SciFi World's Matt Pollari and Son of a Hutt, below you'll find the most interesting parts from the chat:

Question: How do you feel your character (Doctor) is gorwing?

TVG Picardo: I'm very pleased with the way the character has been growing. In the May 10th episode, "Life Signs" the Doctor has a "father-son" encounter with his programmer, Dr. Zimmerman. It is a very funny episode that also resonates with classic parent-child issues. It also features the most sophisticated use of motion-control photography that we've seen on Voyager. And it has a guest star iguana. What more could you possibly want? :)


Question: Hey! I was just wondering, I went to a Star Trek Convention a few years ago, and you sang a song "I'll be sold for Christmas" I told my family about it and they loved the you happen to have the lyrics?

TVG Picardo: In my head... I have been finally convinced to create a CD of my song parodies. I hope to have that out before the end of the year. If I tell you the lyrics now, you might put out the CD before me. Besides Viacom Consumer Products probably has them in a file somewhere for their eventual lawsuit against me. Please call them, and use Tim Russ's name... :)


Question: I hear rumor that the last episode is in May [2000] and a two hour special is due in Nov?

TVG Picardo: I have heard rumors that there will be a two-hour movie in November, and I suspect that they are true. Perhaps that might be our return to the Alpha Quadrant. Our cliffhanger that ends this season is a one-hour show.

Question: Was that a professional iguana in that episode?

TVG Picardo: It was a professional iguana. I once had four iguanas of my own, so I am a competent iguana wrangler. Now, a California desert tortoise is my only reptile.


Question: Kes, played a large role in the Doctor's development. Will the Doctor have any interaction with her in "Fury"?

TVG Picardo: I have some interaction with her, including a wonderful scene that recalls the early days of our friendship when I was first trying to settle on a name, once I had been granted the option of choosing one. However, the "Fury" episode is primarily between Kes and Janeway.


Question: How did the after concert from the grand slam convention on april 1st go and are you going to release a CD too?

TVG Picardo: Had you been at the afterconcert, you might not be begging for that CD. No, it actually went very well. And that's one of the reasons I'm being encouraged to get off my butt and record some of these. I promise not to do "Rocket Man."

Question: Can you tell us anything about your part in the Season Finale?

TVG Picardo: I don't have an extradinarily large part in the season finale, as the episode "Life Line" features me in two different characters. Thus, having crammed about 60 minutes of Bob Picardo into a 45 minute show, our final episode features other actors. So, "Life Line" is basically my season swan song.

It was a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to work with an actor I've admired for a very long time -- me -- and I found it very challenging to come up to my level. I was constantly surprised and gratified by my professionalism, my comic and dramatic skills, and my strong chin and hauntingly beautiful eyes. I had the impulse to take myself away from the set and steal a few minutes alone in my trailer with myself. I've never felt such an affinity for a fellow actor.

The full transcript of the chat, in which Picardo talks about regular Voyager things as well as his recollections of the 'China Beach' series, will undoubtedly soon be up at TV Guide. Thanks go out again to Matt and SoaH for sending in the transcript!

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