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Crew Farewells Reflect Regrets

By Michelle
March 14, 2005 - 12:43 AM

In farewell comments from the cast, Star Trek: Enterprise's actors reflected regrets about having their series cancelled and pleasure at the fourth season's storylines, which Scott Bakula (Captain Archer) described as valentines to the fans.

In a transcript, images and sound clips from HypaSpace at VRRRM, Bakula said, "I think it's always good to leave people wanting more." He said that he thought the fourth season had "allowed the writing team to really kind of put together some strings between us and Kirk and Spock...and have some fun."

Bakula's chief engineer, Connor Trinneer (Tucker), echoed the feeling they "did better in year four", adding that he hadn't even been certain that the show would return at the end of the third season. "We had quite a bit of momentum on our side," he stated. "You don't want to feel like the cast that killed the franchise. But, um, you's business."

Bakula and John Billingsley (Phlox) both said that they believed it was difficult to do a prequel well, since they needed to keep Star Trek's core audience watching while attempting to appeal to a new, younger audience as well. Billingsley felt that people who weren't already fans of Star Trek "have [already] developed a sense of what we are and what we do. They're not easily swayed to give this show another chance, to give this franchise another chance."

And Dominic Keating (Reed) revealed that in the last episode, his character has a line reflecting the feeling of the cast that Star Trek will return before long. "I say, 'The captain thinks there will be another Enterprise before long.' And I look around the Engineering set and go, 'It won't be the same.' And it won't."

Audio clips and photos of these interviews are available at VRRRM.

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