British Magazine Alleges 'Enterprise', Berman May Go

By Michelle
March 14, 2004 - 7:34 PM

Another sci-fi magazine has printed quotes from an anonymous Paramount source, like those reported earlier this year by Cinescape, claiming that the future of Star Trek: Enterprise remains uncertain.

The Great Link quoted an article from the UK's SFX Magazine, stating that the people who work on the Enterprise set do not believe that a fourth season for the show is assured.

TrekSpy, SFX's source who has previously leaked information on upcoming episodes of the series, said that the oft-cited belief that Paramount will produce one more season to hit "the magic 100 episodes for syndication" is erroneous.

"The magic number is bull****," he stated. "Lots of shows have been sold into syndication with smaller episode counts." The original Star Trek series, a great success in syndication with only 78 episodes, is one such example.

TrekSpy also said that rumours that executive producer Rick Berman might be replaced have "been around for a long time." On that topic, he said only, "No, there are no guarantees."

And as Scott Bakula (Captain Archer) has hinted recently in interviews, TrekSpy said that Paramount Television has been supportive of the show the show, but not so UPN.

"The feeling here is this season could be our last. Or not," added the source.

The original comments are in SFX Magazine, quoted at The Great Link. Please treat these remarks as speculation, for they are allegations that have not been confirmed by any official source.

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