The Cynic Reviews 'Child's Play'

By Christian
March 14, 2000 - 11:18 PM

David E. Sluss at the Cynics Corner has uploaded his review of 'Child's Play', last week's new Voyager episode. For a change, Sluss actually liked the episode rather a lot, awarding it an 8.0 and calling it 'a pretty good outing'. Of course, he was still able to find many points of fault with the episode, though, including this one:

EUNUCH OF THE WEEK: The Borg Collective. Voyager's really done a number on the Borg over the years, with episodes that make them seem no more dangerous or competent than the Kazon or the other trash of the Delta Quadrant we've run across. This episode is no different. First we have the Borg taking potshots at the pissant Brunali homeworld every couple of years rather than assimilating it wholesale. Whatever happened to the Borg assimilating whole species, or their concern about members of assimilated species who've escaped, expressed, for instance by Hugh in TNG's "I, Borg" with respect to Guinan's race? And they keep coming back for what new technology exactly? The Brunali's fertilizer and irrigation systems? They seem to have missed the only decent tech the Brunali have, namely the genetic engineering stuff, even though that has to have been around for years in order for Achump to have been created. Borg credibility takes another nosedive at the end, when they ignorantly tractor in a shuttle onto which a torpedo has just been beamed. What, they don't have sensors? The Borg need to change their motto: "Resistance is fruitful."

More points of criticism can be found in the full review.

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