Sat.1 Cuts In Voyager Repeats

By Christian
March 14, 2000 - 11:10 PM

The German web site Star Trek: Voyager - Das Kompendium has just launched a protest canmpaign against Sat.1, the German television station currently showing daily 'Voyager' repeats at 15:00 CET. The reason for the campaign is that, over the past few weeks, the station has been cutting several minutes from each episode, in order to be able to sell more advertising space.

For years, Sat.1 already used a rather abrupt way of cutting to advertising, often not even including a fade-out before going to a commercial block. Recently, though, they've also started removing large parts of episodes and sometimes the entire teaser, shortening the length of each episodes by three minutes to just 42 minutes.

You can take part in the 'Sat.1 vs. Voyager Protest' by going to this page and sending an email to the station. Thanks go out to our German partner site for this!

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