Mad Doc Game Developer Talks 'Legacy'

By Michelle
February 14, 2006 - 9:06 PM

"Our crew knows a thing or two about alien life forces, and our captain knows his way around the galaxy," joked Ian Davis, creative director of Mad Doc Software, which developed Star Trek: Legacy. He reiterated that fans would be able to play in all eras of the franchise and promised a lot of strategic and tactical play.

Speaking to Gamespot, Davis said that his group was "thrilled to be developing a Star Trek game" and said he thought this was an opportunity "to make the Star Trek game fans want...our goal is to create a game that pays homage to this beloved series, that puts fans in the heart of this world they've come to know and love." He called ship-to-ship battles the most powerful events in the series and promised to allow users to "tackle multiple objectives with multiple ships."

"With Legacy, in a nutshell, you get it all...the gameplay is sort of like a squad shooter, but with spaceships," he explained. "Here you'll see the history of the series from the beginning, in a way that really makes sense." He said that personally, he had always wanted to see all the key ships from the various series in a single game, as well as characters from different species. "They fall together to form this amazing world with all the things you've come to know and love, woven together by a rich history and all that it entails."

The game begins on Archer's Enterprise, and as players advance, they move forward in time, making new ships available. "Before you know it, there will be ships from The Original Series (Kirk) available, and your fleet will slowly take on the look of each new era. You may even try to keep a few of your older ships around for a while after you ought to, just out of an emotional attachment!" David added. The Klingons and Borg will be adversaries in single-player mode while they will be playable races in multiplayer.

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