Coto Compares 'Enterprise' and '24'

By Michelle
February 14, 2006 - 1:33 AM

"It's been quite a challenge going from a show like Enterprise to Andorians!" wrote Star Trek: Enterprise executive producer Manny Coto, "but it's also been an extremely rewarding year."

Coto posted on his web site that working "alongside some of the best writers in the business" has kept him on his toes and said that the staff is already talking about the sixth season of 24, where he hopes to remain.

"24 is an extremely collaborative show, much more so than Enterprise," he added. "On 24, everyone pretty much rewrites everyone, lower level writers rewrite the showrunners...there's no 'this is MY episode' attitude. He said that the writers often worked over story ideas while smoking cigars.

Asked how much of the show was based on real world events, Coto noted, "Sometimes 'imaginary' scenarios that the 24 staff posits turn out to be real." Season one writers got flak for proposing a secret government prison site, he explained. "Flash forward to this year, when it came out that the CIA might in fact have been operating secret prisons all over the world."

Though he is enjoying this new gig, Coto said that he would not rule out returning to Star Trek if and when the franchise is revived. "Even though I love working on 24, my heart still wanders back to Star Trek," he admitted.

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