Sphere Mythology Arc Continues In 'The Council'

By Caillan
February 14, 2004 - 2:13 AM

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The Expanse's mysterious spheres and their builders will reportedly be featured prominently in the 22nd episode of Enterprise's third season.

Currently called "The Council", the episode will focus on the "Sphere Builders" who can "interpret different timelines", according to FilmJerk.com. This species made its first appearance in Wednesday night's "Harbinger", in which Thomas Kopache played a dying Sphere Builder with a dire warning for the human race.

A new character, Sphere Builder Primary, the female leader of the mysterious aliens, will appear in "The Council". Another female character set to play a big part is called Presage, but details about her exact role are unknown at this time.

According to FilmJerk's report, "The Council" entered production on Wednesday, February 11. The episode will reportedly be directed by Trek veteran David Livingston, whose credits include "Shuttlepod One", "Regeneration" and "Harbinger". Since this season of Enterprise will only have 24 episodes compared to the usual (for Star Trek, anyway) 26 instalments, only two more episodes will follow "The Council".

Please note that these details have not been confirmed by Paramount Pictures and until that time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour.

"The Council" will likely air in May, 2004. The original report can be found here at FilmJerk.com. Thanks to 'Warped' for this!

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