Cawley Snags Buck Rogers Web Series

By T'Bonz
January 14, 2009 - 1:06 AM

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century will be appearing on the Internet in the autumn of 2010.

As reported by, James Cawley, known to Star Trek fans as the man behind Star Trek Phase II, will be working on another Science Fiction series, this one based on a character created in 1928.

Buck Rogers was a World War I pilot who awoke five hundred years after being in suspended animation. The new web series will tell the origin story, showing how Buck Rogers went from his own World War I timeframe to the twenty-fifth century. Cawley plans on using modern technology to bring the comic book hero to life. "We will be using the technology we have today, to present the original version of The first sci-fi hero ever," said Cawley. "Previous filmed incarnations never really captured the original Buck from the comic strips, which is what we aim to do."

Buck Rogers will be played by Bobby Rice (Peter Kirk in Star Trek: Phase II.) There will be the usual Buck Rogers elements in the web series; rocket packs, an atomic disruptor pistol, and the fight between the Earth Defense Directorate and various evil villains. Buck's team of Dr. Heuer, girlfriend Wilma Deering and Wilma's brother Buddy will be assisting him.

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