Quinto - Ears To The Vulcan Salute

By T'Bonz
January 14, 2008 - 10:02 PM

Getting his head molded was a "freaky" experience for Zachary Quinto.

As reported at Zqfans blog, a Zachary Quinto interview is contained in the Official Heroes Magazine issue two, which recently hit the newstands.

Quinto had to get used to secrecy early on, beginning with the news of his casting. "I have known for a while that I had got the Spock role," he said. "I knew for six weeks before they made an official announcement. It was a very difficult secret to keep."

Also difficult was the procedure Quinto endured to have the pointed ears cast. "They put this plaster all over," Quinto explained, "[and] smear it all over your head, and you are basically in this helmet where you can only breathe through your nostrils for half an hour. It is kind of freaky. Then they did a silicon cast of my ears to make them. I am really excited to see the technology and how the ears are made and applied.

Having the ears will help Quinto in the process of transforming into his character. "It will also really inform the character hugely to actually have the ears and step into the character from a physical perspective and balance out the emotional work I'll be doing leading up to production.

The Vulcan hand sign is something that Quinto has had to practice. "I am left-handed, so I can only do it on my left, but I do exercises," he explained. "I rubber-band my ring finger and pinky finger. It is part of my personal training."

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