Trinneer Thanks The Most Loyal Fans on Television

By Michelle
January 14, 2005 - 7:53 PM

"I think that if nothing else, we have the most loyal fans that have ever been on television...I appreciate it," Connor Trinneer said in a recent interview, citing awareness of grassroots campaigns to keep Star Trek: Enterprise on the air but admitting that when he took the role of Trip Tucker, he expected the series to run for seven years.

"I felt quite fortunate that I got a job that would potentially have some longevity to it," Trinneer told TV Now. "I know if they ever try to dump it, the fans will drive them nuts."

Though he called the original Star Trek series "cutting edge", the actor said he thinks that quality has continued through to his own show. "Digital effects on our show lead the way in television digital effects," he noted. "I think it shows in the episodes when you see the kind of stuff they're putting out there. It's kind of amazing." He added that the writers are receptive to his input on his dialogue and characterisation.

A former college football player, Trinneer noted the importance of being prepared as in sports, which he said helped prepare him to be an actor. Yet he rejected comparisons between himself and Tucker in terms of their impulsivity. "When you're playing a character like this you have the luxury of swinging for the fences. I know in the real world it's not like that."

For more, including the actor's sense of the difference between acting onstage and in front of television cameras, see the original interview at TV Now.

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