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Official 'Divergence' Details Available

By Michelle
January 14, 2005 - 7:12 PM

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The truth about Klingon foreheads may finally be revealed on Star Trek: Enterprise in "Divergence", the episode currently scheduled to air February 25th on UPN. The second half of a two-parter that begins with "Affliction", the conclusion explains the existence of the breed of Klingon seen on the original series, with dramatically reduced forehead ridges compared to both previous Enterprise episodes and those of The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager. posted the following brief synopsis of the episode, written by longtime Trek novelists and Enterprise staff writers Judith Reeves-Stevens & Garfield Reeves-Stevens:

With Columbia's help, the Enterprise crew grapples with sabotage to their ship as they pursue the truth behind the kidnapping of Phlox.

Picking up where "Affliction" left off, Enterprise continues its mission to retrieve the abducted Phlox and to understand why he was kidnapped in the first place and taken into Klingon space. The crew faces sabotage and the risk of a warp reactor explosion, defused with the help of Captain Hernandez and the Columbia. The NX-02 accompanies the NX-01 on its mission to find the doctor, who has decided to try to help the Klingons as they face an epidemic.

"Divergence" was directed by Dave Barrett, whose first time directing Enterprise was interrupted by a two-week winter hiatus for the holidays. The guest cast includes the following actors:

  • Terrell Tilford as Marab
  • John Schuck as Antaak
  • James Avery as General K'Vagh
  • Ada Maris as Captain Erika Hernandez
  • Eric Pierpoint as Harris
  • Kristin Bauer as Laneth
  • Wayne Grace as Krell
  • Matt Jenkins as Tactical Officer

Many of these actors return from "Affliction", joined by Grace - Governor Torak in The Next Generation's "Aquiel" - and Bauer, who has not appeared on Star Trek before, playing one of the Klingons affected by the plague altering their physiology. Schuck returns as Antaak, a Klingon scientist working with Phlox, and Maris makes a repeat appearance as Archer's onetime flame as well as protegee, Erika Hernandez.

Production, which began a month ago on December 14th, began on standing ship sets, including a Bridge modified to stand in for Columbia's. The Klingon laboratory built for "Affliction" was used again, as were the Klingon Battlecruiser sets on which Grace was allowed the dubious privilege of eating gagh. Numerous makeup artists were employed to create the various prosthetics worn by Klingons with differing degrees of forehead prominence.

The complete report is available here at

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