'Nemesis' Slips In UK Box Office

By Antony
January 14, 2003 - 9:58 PM

The takings for 'Nemesis' dropped 59% on its second weekend of release in the UK.

The tenth Trek film took £808,579 (S1,297,773) for the weekend ending 12 January, down from an opening weekend of £1,957,845 ($2,082,932) according to IMdb Pro. Its 59% fall is the same percentage as 'Insurrection' dropped in its second week of release in the UK. However, 'Insurrection' had 29% higher takings. So although the drop was the same, the income from 'Insurrection' was higher.

Position-wise, 'Nemesis' fell from #2 to #4, making way for 'Gangs of New York' and 'The Tuxedo' at #2 and #3 respectively. 'Insurrection' only went down to #4 in week three, and then only after relinqunishing the #1 spot that it had held for two weeks.

The amount of theatres that the film is showing has dropped only two, from 426 to 424. In total, 'Nemesis' has taken £3,370,780 ($5,410,215) in the UK in ten days of release.

Meanwhile, in the US, Nemesis saw a surprise return to the top ten in the box office on Thurdsay. However it dropped out again at the weekend, and fell to its lowest position of #19. The film took $1,038,702 for the weekend ending 12 January. This saw a drop of 59% from its figure of $2,506,191 the previous weekend. The total haul for 'Nemesis' now stands at $41,614,360 in the US.

The weekend also saw the largest drop so far in the amount of theatres showing the film, dropping from 2,423 to 1,777. With 'Nemesis' returing the lowest per theatre average in the entire top 30 — just $584 — it is likely that more theatres will withdraw the film from their schedules.

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