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By Christian
January 14, 2001 - 11:50 PM

Over at the Trek Nation, two interesting new features have gone up over the weekend:

  • In the first place, Amy recently interviewed Tye Bourdony, a cartoonist well-known for his 'The Lighter Side Of Sci-Fi' cartoon. Here's the first question from the interview, in which Tye introduces himself:

    Name, Rank and Serial number:

    My name is Tye Bourdony & I actually do have a rank and serial number that I can give out to the public. As a sci-fi cartoonist, I do quite a few shows and conventions throughout the Northeastern part of the US, the most recent being Chiller Theatre in New Jersey, The United Fan Con in Springfield Massachusetts & Creation at Hofstra University. At these shows, I am often accompanied by an amazing group called the 501st Empire City Garrison. Basically, they are a group of Star Wars fans & costumers that look nothing short of amazing.

    I myself am a Storm Trooper Officer (Black Uniform), and hold the rank of Capt. Officially, I am Capt. Toonz and my serial number is TK 1018 (my birthday.) Often accompanied by Darth Vader, Bobba Fett, Imperial Officers and Storm Troopers, we are usually the visual hit of any show and always make a lasting impression. As this is a Star Trek site however, I will admit to having three Starfleet uniforms in my closet as well. You can visit the Garrison's web site at

    For the full interview, please click here. The actual 'Ligher Side Of Sci-Fi' cartoons can be found here on Tye's official site, while, as you can read in the interview, in a short while we'll also start featuring them right here at the Trek Nation!

  • In this weekend's second feature, entitled 'Beyond the Subroutines', regular writer Caillan Davenport looks at the Doctor and other Voyager holograms, and how they've developed ont he series. Here's a quote from the beginning of the article:

    With the advent of Voyager's latest telemovie, "Flesh and Blood," holographic beings are once again brought to the forefront of the series. In a direct continuance from season four's holographic adventure, "The Killing Game," Janeway sets out to apprehend of group of holographic runaways who have escaped the clutches of the Hirogen.

    Voyager has dealt with holograms in many different ways over the years, not least because of the constant presence of the EMH. The issue of the Doctor's freedom, accountability and sentience has always been a pertinent one - with Janeway sometimes making the wrong choices. Back in season three's "The Swarm," we saw how the Doctor's personal growth had begun to degrade his program, and a choice had to be made. Fortunately, the clock was not turned back completely. Following the acquisition of the mobile emitter in "Future's End" the Doctor began to develop even further in his relationships with the crew, even taking the role of mentor to Seven of Nine in order to teach her about humanity. (Surely a case of the blind leading the blind.)

    For the full article, please click here.

  • Finally, Fred Shedian, who of course regularly writes his 'A Take On Trek' column, asked me to tell you that due to some medical issues, the new edition of his column will be delayed by a week of two. He apologizes for this, but regrets it cannot be avoided. Archived editions of his columns can of course be found here.

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