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Ron Moore Interview Parts 2&3

By Amy
December 13, 2000 - 5:22 PM has posted the second and third parts of Don Lipper's interview with former Trek scribe Ron Moore. In the second part of the interview, Moore talks about where he thinks Voyager went wrong and how he would have done it differently, while the third, interview focuses primarily on his current project, teen alien drama 'Roswell'

Q: It's funny how Voyager comes really close to fulfilling the promise, and then veers away.

RDM: Yeah, there's a real fear factor. I don't know why it is, but they're just afraid of making ongoing change and evolution. There's just this real need to pull back as soon as they get to someplace really interesting.

I'm getting this reputation as somebody who slams Voyager, and it's not that. I see the potential and the promise, because a lot of their episodes are really interesting stuff that take them and the characters in a great interesting direction, and you go, wow, that's amazing, and then they pull it all away from you at the end of the show, and you're right back to where you started.

Q: You were there during those early days where you had the Maquis and Starfleet, and they should've been at each other's throats, but they weren't. What happened there?

RDM: I was only there two months. There was a lot of fighting about it within the staff. But essentially, by the end of the pilot they had stuffed all the Maquis into Starfleet uniforms, which was just a profound mistake. That symbolic gesture really defanged the Maquis permanently on Voyager.

Because once you stick them in Starfleet outfits, even if you give them odd little collar insignias, they're essentially like everybody else, and expected to obey all the regulations and this and that.

With Seven of Nine, she's a great character, and a great actress, and I think she was a good, strong addition to the series. But at the same time it's like, take off the big goofy hand and tone her down a little bit so that the makeup isn't a six-hour job every day, and you don't want her to be completely hideous to look at, but why can't she look like a Borg?

Why does she have to be this supermodel with a couple of pieces of tech on her head? It's just silly. It just belies the whole function of bringing her aboard. If you're gonna bring her aboard because she's a Borg, that's a threat and an odd thing. You want her to be in the face of the crew. Okay, make her a Borg. Just do it.

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