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Abrams Introduces 'Star Trek XI'

By T'Bonz
November 13, 2008 - 10:26 PM

Director J.J. Abrams introduced several scenes from Star Trek XI and others in attendance shared details, ranging from art concepts of items used in the movie, to descriptions of action in various scenes of the movie.

As reported by, Abrams began by saying "I've seen all the parodies, but the key to doing this and making it feel real was a great cast. The cast is amazing.

Abrams went on to introduce the first clip, where "we meet Kirk as a young man [and see] how he ends up joining Starfleet." Kirk gets into trouble in a bar and has to be rescued by Pike. Things revealed about Kirk's youth and the bar scene: Pike is the father figure in the movie, with gray sideburns that are not pointed. James T. Kirk's father George saved eight hundred people.

"So Kirk joins Starfleet and immediately gets in trouble," says Abrams, explaining the second scene. "They all get assigned to ships, but Kirk does not because he's in trouble." This is the scene where McCoy uses a ruse to get Kirk aboard the Enterprise. When trouble occurs on Vulcan, courtesy of the Romulans, Starfleet puts together a hasty rescue mission. Various departments of the Enterprise is shown and we get a sense of its large size.

In the third scene, the "frozen planet" one, Abrams introduces it by saying, "So, Kirk pisses off Spock and gets marooned. He lands on a planet and ends up meeting the older Spock. The two of them then meet another character, played by Simon Pegg." Scotty has been exiled after his attempts to experiment with transporter technology resulted in the loss of Admiral Archer's dog. Scotty's expertise will be needed to transport Kirk onto the Enterprise as it moves at warp speed, and this will be done courtesy of information provided by his future self.

In the final clip, "The drill that comes from Nero's space ship drills into the planet, and this is a sequence where the good guys are space-jumping onto it," explains Abrams. Transporters are jammed, so Kirk, Sulu and "redshirt" Olsen must freefall onto the platform to knock out the drill. One of them will not make it back from the mission. Spock is promoted to Captain of the Enterprise and McCoy is promoted to Chief Medic, after his predecessor has been killed in the attack that has devastated part of the ship. Sulu saves Kirk's life with his swordsmanship. It's up to Chekov, back on the Enterprise to rescue Kirk and Sulu when things go awry with the freefall.

Other details emerged from the German Treknews and from TrekMovie, both of which offered additional bits and pieces, from the concept art to comments on several scenes. The ones from the Enterprise include:

  • A shuttle hangar reminiscent of one from Battlestar Galactica

  • A medical shuttle.

  • TOS-like transporter room.

Details of other ships or scenery include:

  • A very dark, cold and sharp Romulan Bridge.

  • A large Starfleet auditorium.

  • Interior of a space station, with zero gravity. A man in a space suit is in it.

  • Drawings from Vulcan with small ships fleeing from an ocean of lava.

  • Nero has a huge ship, like a "cross between a Christmas tree and a Shadow ship from Babylon 5.

Miscellaneous details include:

  • Silver phaser pistol that looks like a fusion of the TOS model and the Star Trek V assault phaser.

  • Blue Kelvin uniforms.

  • Concept art of Kirk's motorbike, which was originally green, with a huge BMW logo on it. In the movie, the bike is now black and the logo has been removed, but it is still obviously a BMW bike.

  • A red “Starfleet orbital Drop Suit”

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