Takei To Join Reality Show

By T'Bonz
November 13, 2008 - 9:12 PM

George Takei recently joined cast of I'm a Celebrity, but trouble began immediately upon his arrival "down under."

As reported by The Sun, seventy-one-year old Takei is taking on a challenge that might daunt a younger man, taking part in a reality show that will be set in an Australian jungle.

"I'm physical fit," said Takei, the show's oldest-ever contestant. "I used to run marathons. Now I work out every day." Takei is also ready for the lack of fine cuisine that inevitably accompanies these types of reality shows. "I'm Japanese and love sushi," he said. "I've even eaten live fish. It was delicious."

But trouble has started before Takei has even stepped into the jungle, as reported by The Mirror. Takei was angered when he arrived in Brisbane from Los Angeles to find that no one was there to meet him. "I've been left wandering the airport for thirty minutes," he said. "They assured me there would be someone to meet me."

Before his departure, Takei had more to say about Proposition 8, as reported by Pinknews.co.uk. "We feel that our marriage is valid," said Takei. "There is no language in Proposition 8 that says it's retroactive. However, the bigger picture, we are concerned about the others who did not get married and others who will want to get married in the future."

"This is a fundamental right," added Takei, "all-inclusive as the Supreme Court of California has ruled. And this is taking away that fundamental right. This is very wrong. It is going to be challenged and ultimately we will prevail."

To read more, head to the articles located here and here. The video can be seen here.

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