New 'Subspace Echoes' Column

By Amy
November 13, 2000 - 6:12 AM

Over at Fandom, STC writer Ariel has posted the latest edition of her 'Subspace Echoes' column. This week, while she does take a brief look at last week's Voyager episode, 'Inside Man', she spends the majority of her time continuing the debate sparked by the views she expressed on the death of Kirk in last week's edition.

I think it is ridiculous to bring Kirk back from the dead only to kill him off again. I personally feel that his death was quite honorable. Many people, however, do not feel this way. I found this out the day after my column was posted. Antony told me that Marc, the head of the Bring Back Kirk website and movement, was quite upset and had sent him a rebuttal, which Antony then published here at STC. I was quite pleased that Marc and the BBKers were given equal time in this debate. They certainly deserved it. After reading Marc`s well-thought-out and amazingly polite rebuttal (considering how upset he clearly was), I realized that this was not a light-hearted movement. These people take their cause very seriously indeed, and took my words to heart. I`m sure that Marc and many others who responded to my comments think I`m completely off my rocker.

Having read the many posts about my comments and Marc`s rebuttal on message boards across the web, I began to realize the scope of the movement. I would guess, without taking an actual count, that about half of the people posting are for the movement. I want to let all BBKers know that I very much respect their right to their opinions, and wish them luck with their campaign. I hope they can respect my right, and the right of those who agreed with me, to have our opinions. I must admit, however, that I very much enjoyed the debate that has raged across the message boards this past week. I was quite gratified to find that many people agreed with me. About a third of the posters were in complete agreement, feeling, as I do, that Kirk`s time had passed and he should remain dead. My favorite of these posts was by Prophet in the TrekChat message boards who wrote: "You go Ariel! Keep Kirk Dead! Keep Kirk Dead! Keep Kirk Dead! Your paa is strong, my child." Simple and to the point. I love it!

For the full article, please click here for Subscape Echoes #6.

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