The Mothership, The Cynic & The Guide Review 'Imperfection'

By Christian
October 13, 2000 - 11:25 PM

  • Over at the Cynics Corner, David E. Sluss has put up his analysis of 'Imperfection', the second Voyager episode of the season, awarding it a 7 and saying the episode lives up to its title. Here are two quotes from the review:

    LAUGH LINE OF THE WEEK: Chakotay: "It's not every day we go looking for the Borg." But ... it is! [Credit where credit is due; though I thought of this as the Laugh Line of the Week while first watching the episode, reader John David Watker thought up what I was going to write in this space practically verbatim and emailed me about it. Talk about two minds without a single thought!]

    MISSED CONTINUTIY OF THE WEEK: This episode offers no explanation (or even investigation) of the cause of the Borg vessel's destruction. This was a perfect opportunity to follow up on last week's "Unimatrix Zero, Part II." Why not mention, just for the hell of it or to shut up pests such as me, that the vessel was destroyed by the Borg rebels (or was itself a rebel ship)? Obviously Voyager's writers don't go out of their way for the sake of continuity, but this one was handed to them on a platter. I'll be charitable and suggest that perhaps, like last year's "Collective," something was being set up for the future here, but in this case I seriously doubt it. And, by the way, with Borg friendlies in the general area, why not try to track one of their ships down and see if they can spare a cortical node?

    For the full thing, please follow this link.

  • Also new is Julia Houston's review at's Star Trek Fans, in which she calls it a pretty good episode, even though it's a Seven episode:

    As wary as I am regarding Seven-centric shows, this one gives us nothing much to worry about. For one thing, being ill probably wouldn't be as interesting for the other characters, or at least interesting in this way. If some piece of Paris' brain went missing, I'm guessing we wouldn't end up scavenging a Borg cube to find it.

    Read on here.

  • And finally, Jeff Bond at the Mothership has put up his review, awarding the episode just a C+. For me some of the special characters in the review were loading incorrectly, making it very hard to read, but you can find it by following this link.

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