New 'Drive' and 'Repression' News

By Amy
October 13, 2000 - 8:00 AM

New images of both upcoming episodes of Voyager, 'Drive' and 'Repression' have been put online at and UPN, the latter of which has also added a new synopsis for 'Repression'. Please note that all images are copyright of Paramount.

This image is copyright of Paramount.  No infringement intended.'Drive', as we are already aware, sees Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres participating in a dangerous shuttle-race in the Delta Flyer, and also includes the much-speculated upon Paris/Torres marriage proposal, though rumors of the wedding actually taking place in this episode are as yet unconfirmed. There are six pictures, in addition to this one, available at the upcoming episodes section of the official site, while there are two more photos at UPN's Voyager episodes section, though at least one of them is a better-quality copy of one that can be found at Star

This image is copyright of Paramount.  No infringement intended.'Repression', this season's first Tuvok-centric episode, will be airing on October 25th instead of the episode 'Critical Care' which, as far as I was aware at least, was the next episode scheduled to be shown. 'Repression' appears like it will also see the debut of Tom Paris's latest holodeck program and the UPN synopsis can be found below.

This image is copyright of Paramount.  No infringement intended.After members of the crew are found unconscious, Tuvok leads a search for the mysterious attacker who seems to prey only on those involved in the Maquis resistance movement, including Chakotay and Torres. Although the victims make seemingly quick recoveries, events take an astonishing turn when Tuvok uncovers the identity of the predator who has left his prey with deadly post-hypnotic suggestions.

The photos can be found here at, while additional photos and the new 'Repression' synopsis can be found here at UPN.

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