Beltran Appeals For Cool Heads After U.S. Tragedy

By Caillan
September 13, 2001 - 1:59 PM

Robert Beltran, who played Commander Chakotay on Voyager, has posted a message to fans appealing for rational thinking in the aftermath of Tuesday's disaster in the United States.

The actor posted his statement on the official messageboard at in response to the tragedy which saw two hijacked aircraft smash into the World Trade Center in New York, and another hit the Pentagon in Washington. The full text of the message can be found below:

"Once we have all gotten over the pain and disbelief; cool, rational, and intelligent thinking must prevail. This is no time for irrational finger-pointing at people who may be completely innocent of this crime. Already we are getting speculation from the so-called experts as to who are the most likely perpetrators. This kind of irresponsible finger-pointing before all the facts are known is much too prevalent in the media and too easily believed by a gullible, naive public wanting answers and retaliation immediately.

"I ask all of you to please take the lead and remind those who are quick to judge that this is much too serious a crisis to act before we know all of the facts. Please try to sift through all of the inevitable 'spinning' by politicians with their own self-interested agenda. Now more than ever we must prevail upon our leaders to put aside any party agenda and to seek the truth and to act truthfully. In a crisis such as this, the true leaders must come to the fore.

"I know that there are many admirable people who post on this board and it is you that I ask to be a calming influence on easily manipulated friends and acquaintances. There are many frightened people who are confused and in disbelief at this tragedy. Let's help see them through this. Let's also be vocal if those in power advocate any measures that are unconstitutional, and at cross-purpose with the ideals of a nation that claims to be a Christian nation.

"Love for our fellow man should always be greater ideal than a need for revenge. Thanks for listening."

The original message can be found here at the Robert Beltran official web site.

Pocket Books executive editor John Ordover has sent word that he is willing to help readers contact friends or relatives living in New York if they have been unable to reach them.

The editor said that although the long distance phone lines in and out of New York are still unreliable, the local service is still operating.

If any readers wish to take advantage of John Ordover's kind offer, you can contact him at

A 'Jeffrey Coombs' has been listed among the list of victims who were onboard on of the passenger aircraft that crashed into the World Trade Center on Tuesday. This is not the same Jeffrey Combs who appeared on Deep Space Nine in the roles of Weyoun and Brunt.

Trek's Jeffrey Combs may not have been involved in the disaster, but our hearts still go out to the families of the victims at this difficult time.

The major television networks are currently assessing their Fall programming schedule in light of recent events.

Although the Big Four are still continuing with their news coverage, UPN has resumed its regular schedule. There are currently no plans to postpone the premiere of Enterprise, but Senior VP of media relations Joanna Lowry told Zap2it that any decision to alter the network's schedule will depend on whether the major networks push back their Fall season premieres.

NBC has already decided to delay the debut of its prime-time schedule to the week of the Enterprise premiere. "In light of the recent tragic events in our country, NBC has decided to postpone the premieres of the network's fall prime-time programs, previously scheduled for Monday, Sept. 17, to Monday, Sept. 24," a network statement said. "Further developments could alter this plan."

There is currently no information on whether this will cause UPN to postphone its Fall schedule. The original report can be found here at Zap2it.

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