BBC Celebrates Star Trek

By Lisa
September 13, 2001 - 1:34 PM

UK fans are in for a treat this week as the BBC gets set for a Star Trek extravaganza.

Listings magazine Radio Times this week features three Trek captains on its cover. The magazine also has an article which aims to explore the reasons for the franchise's popularity.

"Far from reaching the final frontier," says the RT web site, "Gene Roddenberry's creation looks set to head into infinity and beyond with a new series about to beam down in the US, starring Quantum Leap's Scott Bakula as Captain Archer."

This Sunday, September 16th, is billed as Star Trek Night on BBC 2. Starting from 11:15 in the morning, Sunday will feature Trek episodes, documentaries, interviews and a showing of 'Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.' The full listings for Sunday's Events is as follows:

  • 11:15: The Original Series episode 'The Gamesters Of Triskelion' will be shown.

  • 12:05: Another episode from the series that started it all, with the TOS episode 'A Private Little War.'

  • 19:30: Presenter and well-known Trek fan Jonathan Ross introduces Star Trek Night, which features a look behind the scenes, and interviews with key actors. Four generations of Trek Captains will also nominate their favourite episodes and viewers will have a chance to vote for the episode they most want to see. The chosen episodes are as follows:

    • William Shatner The Original Series episode 'The City on the Edge of Forever.'
    • Patrick Stewart The Next Generation's 'In Theory.'
    • Avery Brooks Deep Space Nine's 'Far Beyond the Stars.'
    • Kate Mulgrew The Voyager episode 'Counterpoint.'

    Details of how to vote will be announced during the night's programmes.

  • 19:35: 'From Enterprise to Franchise.'
    Star Trek actors, writers and producers help explain the phenomenon of how the cult 60s series grew into the world famous multi-million dollar franchise, with an ever-growing army of fans.

  • 20:10: 'Make It So.'
    Rubber aliens, mini skirts and home made special effects. This feature goes behind the scenes to ask just how the tricks are done and commemorate photon torpedoes, tricorders and the 24th century bra.

  • 20:35: 'Trials and Tribble-Ations.'
    An introduction to the classic episode in which the DS9 crew go back in time to join Captain Kirk and his team as Lieutenant Uhuru acquires a cute, cuddly, cooing creature known as a tribble.

  • 20:40: The Deep Space Nine episode 'Trials And Tribble-Ations.'

  • 21:20: 'Warp Factory'
    From the phasers, transporters and warp engines of the original series to the plasma conduits and microfusion of the 24th Century, it's time to boldly explore where Star Trek can go next.

  • 21:55: 'Viewers Vote Winning Episode.'
    The favourite Captain's episode voted for by viewers.

  • 22:40: 'Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home'

  • 00:35: 'Memorable Moments'
    A compilation of space cuisine in 'Feed Me Up Scotty' and romantic moments in 'Star Dates.'

More details and listings can be found on the Radio Times web site.

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