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By Christian
September 13, 2000 - 2:27 PM

Fandom's Matthew F. Saunders has written a preview of 'The Killing Shadows', an upcoming TNG comic set after the events of 'First Contact'. The preview takes the form of an interview with writer Scott Ciencin and artist Andrew Currie. One of the things Ciencin mentions in the interview is how he would like to see 'The Killing Shadows' turn into a more regular Trek comics series:

"It will largely depend on sales and fan response. [...] I pitched the mini-series as an introduction of this new threat, and it's very clear that while it ties up all loose ends and stands alone nicely, that not only is the door wide open for sequels, but also that this is the first movement in a very specific agenda that the Void is pursuing. In the next two arcs I'd like to write, that threat would come front and center and ultimately be resolved, but not without lasting consequences.

"Visually, I'd like the next two mini-series to be to Star Trek comics what The Authority has been to mainstream superhero comics--wild, cosmic, anything goes. [...] At the same time, I think it's always important to keep the audience's rooting interest firmly fixed with the characters. So even though the backdrop I'd like to see employed would be far more expansive than what we chose to work with in this one, the focus would be even tighter on two key relationships that are set up at the close of [this] mini-series. Potentially, it would place Picard in a role he's never undertaken before."

Click here to see the full interview. Thanks go out to Elaine Butler for pointing me to it!

Also new is a preview of the first inked pages of 'Star Trek: New Frontier: Double Time', featuring artwork by Mike Collins and David Roach. You can find two pages from the comic here at TrekWeb.

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