Ryan Geeks Out At D.C. Con

By Caillan
August 13, 2001 - 5:12 AM

For years, Trek fans have been labelled as geeks or told to 'get a life,' but Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) thinks she's worse than any Trekkie.

"I am such a geek," she told the audience at the Slanted Fedora convention, held in Washington D.C. on August 4. "I'm a freak. I'm such a loser. I really am," Ryan continued, as she related her tales of starstruck encounters with celebrities.

According to a report by D'Alaire, Ryan had embarrassing encounters with John Denver, Charlton Heston, and Sting, all of which featured a dumbstruck Ryan grinning stupidly. The Sting meeting was the shortest of all, culminating in Ryan running away from the singer. "I'm a total geek," she cried. "You guys have nothing to worry about with me!"

The actress's pastimes don't stop at star-gazing, as Ryan loves anything and everything to do with cooking. When asked about her methods, Ryan waved the audience away, saying "This is a cooking question. You don't have to listen if you don't want to." The actress makes all her pie crusts by hand, and only uses Crisco because "Brannon [Braga] would have a heart attack if I brought lard into the house."

Since Voyager wrapped, the actress has been able to spend more time with her son, something she values very highly. Although Ryan has joined the cast of David E. Kelley's Boston Public for the show's second season, she won't have to be on set every day because there are so many regulars. Ryan is grateful for this as it will allow her to continue working, and still be able to enjoy time with her son.

Thanks go out to D'Alaire for this!

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