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Pocket Announces Trek Books for 2005-6

By Michelle
July 13, 2004 - 7:32 PM

Pocket Books editors and writers at the Shore Leave convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland announced news about several new Star Trek book projects over the weekend.

Psi Phi announced the titles for 2005-2006 release, which include an Enterprise novel about Hoshi Sato to be written by Dave Stern and the first Titan novel, set after Star Trek: Nemesis and focusing on Captain William Riker's command, tentatively titled Taking Wing, to be written by Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin. Psi Phi has more information on the latter here.

A Deep Space Nine miniseries set during the Occupation, Terok Nor, was announced, though no authors or publication dates have been revealed yet. Worlds of Deep Space Nine writer Una McCormack will also write another DS9 novel, Hollow Men.

There will be a new Voyager trilogy String Theory, to be penned by Jeffrey Lang, Kirsten Beyer and Heather Jarman, and a Voyager anthology, whose title and editor have not yet been announced.

Two new Lost Era books - one likely focusing on Picard, the other on Sisko - are on the schedule, as are two Next Generation books, one by Michael Jan Friedman, the other by J.M. Dillard, set in the post-Nemesis era when many changes have been made in the crew. Gene DeWeese will also write a TNG book, Engines of Destiny.

A new series about the space station Vanguard, set during the original series, will be launched by David Mack, and editor Marco Palmieri will oversee Other Times, a series of speculative stories.

The original listing is at Psi Phi.

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