Keating Stays Mum About Season Two

By Caillan
July 13, 2002 - 5:53 PM

Dominic Keating won't reveal what's in store for Lieutenant Malcolm Reed in Enterprise's second season - because he says simply doesn't know.

Pressed for information by fans at the recent Toronto Trek convention, Keating said the cast often don't receive their scripts until the night before filming, according to reports by Shelley at and Vickie at the Coffee Nebula.

The actor even went so far as to suggest Malcolm Reed might undergo a change of vocation. "I think he's going to become the interior designer," he joked. However, it soon became apparent that maybe Keating knew more than he was letting on, as the actor playfully refused to give away any major spoilers. "If you want to tell the world - tell Trek!" he said.

One of the few tidbits Keating did provide was that there would be another "Hoshi/Malcolm moment" akin to their awkward encounter in 'Silent Enemy.' Another relationship the writers plan to continue is the Malcolm/Tucker friendship, as developed in 'Shuttlepod One' and 'Two Days and Two Nights.' Keating said he and Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker) have "great chemistry."

In closing, Keating thanked the fans for their support. "You have changed my life like you don't know," he said. "I am so happy making this show. I am just honoured to be a part of this legacy."

The full reports can be found at and the Coffee Nebula.

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