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Braga Inks Series V Deal

By Christian
July 13, 2000 - 10:33 PM

Variety is reporting that 'Voyager' executive producer Brannon Braga will be involved with the Star Trek franchise for at least three more years, after signing a new TV deal with Paramount.

As part of the deal, Braga, together with Rick Berman, will be developing the fifth Star Trek series, as well as getting the chance to develop and produce his own series. The three-year deal is estimated to be worth in the high-seven figures. Paramount VP Tom Mazza commented on the contract by saying that "Brannon is an exceptional writer-producer who has been an instrumental member of the Paramount family for the last 10 years [and] we are thrilled to be collaborating with him in creating the next series in the 'Star Trek' franchise."

The report also includes another confirmation that Berman and Braga are currently working on Series V for sometime next year, with Braga saying they "want it to be 'Star Trek' at its core, but [they] also want it to...change the concept to a radical degree." Strangely enough, it is precisely this oft-reported on aspect of the Variety article that is currently being picked up many mainstream media sites.

A bit more info on this can be found in the full report.

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