Mulgrew Makes Memories in Milan

By Michelle
June 13, 2006 - 8:01 PM

While in Milan recently for the Telefilm Festival, Star Trek: Voyager's Kate Mulgrew heard the dubbed voice of Captain Janeway on Italian television and was very disappointed with it...though the dubbed voice for Chakotay was a different story.

"I would have gone to bed with him if I had that voice," Mulgrew told an audience of fans, according to a report at Totally Kate, whose author noted that many Italian fans aren't fond of Janesay's dubbed voice either. She greeted the crowd in her own voice, speaking Italian, which she learned while living in Florence when she was younger. In response to the perpetual question, "How did you feel being the first female captain in Star Trek?", she gave her usual answer that she didn't feel that, like previous captains, she could have relationships with members of her crew and get away with "Red alert...Commander, please join me in my ready room."

The actress said that she imagines most of the Voyager crew stayed in Starfleet after returning to Earth, including Janeway, who was seen in Star Trek Nemesis as an admiral. Of any of her co-stars on Voyager, the one she most enjoyed working with was Robert Picardo (The Doctor). Their last days working together on the set when the series wrapped were very sad for her.

Mulgrew explained that she does not watch much television - she is not a fan of reality TV shows and finds it amusing that her husband will flip through all the channels. Her favourite childhood books were Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie series, as she explained to a little girl who spoke both English and French with her, though she responded with mock indignation when a child asked whether she wanted to do any more work, replying that she had just acted on the stage in London. As for the future, said the actress, she would like to spend it in the arms of her husband, Tim Hagan, who was in Italy with her.

For more details and links to photos, the full report is at Totally Kate!

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