Jammer Writes Season Six Recap

By Christian
June 13, 2000 - 9:49 PM

Jamahl Epsicokhan over at Star Trek: Hypertext has put up his sixth season recap, offering the usual two-part look at the past year of 'Voyager'. In the first part, he provides short one-paragraph looks at all 26 episodes of the season, while in the second he gives a more broad look at the series in general. I'd love to be able to quote the entire analysis, but unfortunately I can't, so here's just one of the many interesting parts of the episode:

Possibly the best way I can sum up my feelings based on what I saw in Voyager's sixth season is to say that I was tempted to open my fifth-season year-in-review commentary file and copy-and-paste the text into this space. Of course, I won't take that easy way out; I have plenty to say, even if the main points are largely the same as they were a year ago. My feelings on Voyager have changed little in the last year, though they've perhaps intensified significantly in some ways.

Am I satisfied with Voyager? Not even close. Will I ever be? Doubt it. (After all, there's only one year left to make up for six seasons of meandering.) This series has had time to stake its claim in the Trek universe for six seasons now, which is longer than most television series can even hope to run. Of course, a year ago I could've guessed that we'd be exactly where we are now. In fact, I did--as far as I'm concerned, season six has become exactly what I predicted it would be: "Season Five, Part II," which is also equivalent to "Season Four, Part III." With the reintroduction of the Borg and the addition of Seven of Nine, season four was the biggest turning point in this series from a creative standpoint (even though there weren't massive changes in story attitude). I wasn't truly satisfied with season four either, but in looking at things now, I see that it probably represents the high point for Voyager as a series in terms of looking for a purpose. It had an interesting new character and interesting things to say about her. It was venturing in some new directions. Seven of Nine was growing, exhibiting goals the writers had supplied her. Now, almost three years later, it seems we've reached the point of exhaustion again. Sure, there were certainly some high points and worthwhile stories this season, without a doubt. But in terms of this series staking out any coherent direction whatsoever, it's just not happening. At all.

For the full analysis, please follow this link.

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