Bakula: Archer Could Be Dead, Or With T'Pol

By Michelle
May 13, 2004 - 12:49 PM

Scott Bakula chatted and joked with television host Wayne Brady earlier this week, claiming that Star Trek: Enterprise had shot three endings for the season and that Captain Archer did not survive in one of them.

Speaking on The Wayne Brady Show (via Vrrrm), where he has appeared before, Bakula told confessed Trekkie Brady that in one of the alternate endings, "I wake up and I'm on a couch at William Shatner's house. Talking to him...I'm not kidding." Brady joked that it should be a commercial for

Speaking more seriously about the Xindi arc, Bakula explained that the Xindi aren't the real enemies of the Enterprise crew. "So, I am stuck out there, trying to make these diplomatic decisions on my own...I'm trying to diplomatically convince them that we're not the bad guys."

The actor and host praised fan efforts to save the series, and both agreed that the show has had "a tremendous third season" in which "the stories are great."

Brady expressed some disappointment that T'Pol was apparently having a relationship with Tucker rather than Archer, to which Bakula replied that he didn't know who would be together at the end. "But she's doing all these back rubs and 'Yadda-nee' with him," objected Brady, eliciting a laugh from Bakula.

Bakula also spoke about Quantum Leap, soon to be released on DVD, but told Brady that if his acting career dried up, the two of them could work at McDonald's together.

Thanks to Vrrrm for the transcript. Images of Bakula's appearance on The Wayne Brady Show are on the site as well.

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