'Nemesis' DVD Reveals Cut Footage

By Michelle
May 13, 2003 - 10:01 PM

Images from the Star Trek: Nemesis DVD reveal the new Enterprise-E first officer, Commander Martin Madden.

The character is played by Steven Culp, whose role was cut from the film. The DVD release next week will enable fans to see his scenes for the first time.

TrekNews.de has several images of deleted scenes from the theatrical release of Star Trek: Nemesis which appear on the DVD. There are also dozens of publicity photos of the cast, pictures of the crew in action, and graphics of the ships and special effects from the movie.

Images include Riker and Troi's wedding, Data with B-4, Admiral Janeway, Commander Donatra and the theatrical posters.

Star Trek: Nemesis will be released in the US and Canada on May 20, in Germany on June 17 and in Britain on August 4. The DVD can be ordered from Amazon.com here, from Amazon.ca here, from Amazon.co.uk here and from Amazon.de here.

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