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By Christian
May 13, 2000 - 11:45 PM

Julia Houston at's Star Trek Fans has put up a new feature article, entitled 'Why Janeway is the Best Captain'. Here's a snippet:

Yes, certainly, all the captains are "the best" at various things. Kirk is the guy to have in a barfight. Picard's the one to stop a war. Sisko's the one I want to get right up in the bad guy's face and give them what-for.

But Kathryn Janeway is the best at being "captain." Her situational risks are greater, her roles and duties as captain are more demanding, her approach to command is more inclusive and yet decisive, and her command decisions have withstood the ultimate test of success, namely, survival.

Read on in the full article. In addition, Julia's put up a new list, Most Popular Star Trek Prank Calls.

Also new is the first in a seven-part article series at Fandom's Star Trek Central, written by site webmaster AntonyF. In the series, he'll be looking at some of Trek's dearly departed, starting with Tasha Yar:

Natasha `Tasha` Yar was the first regular cast member in a Star Trek series to die, and her death was not a pleasent one as deaths go. Once Denise Crosby, who is grand-daughter of Bing, had decided she was going to leave the show, Gene Roddenberry wanted to shock the audience. To do this, he gave Tasha an empty death without any real meaning. After just 21 episodes of its first season, the Enterprise-D had lost its chief of security.

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